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A Profitable Indie Beauty Business

Launching your own natural beauty brand has always been a dream. You have just finished your formulating courses and are now wondering, what’s next? How do I launch a successful beauty brand that can have a positive impact?

At OKOKO House Of Brands, we are here to mentor the most driven entrepreneurs and change makers who have got what it takes: great ideas, a vision, the desire to put in the work and persevere. We believe that the hardest thing for any entrepreneur but certainly the most valuable is to find good mentors that are willing to share their expertise and wisdom and guide you along the way.

Perhaps you are wondering?

  • How to launch a new brand and set yourself apart?
  • How to find cash flow and start up investment for your business?
  • How to connect with retailers and persuade them to stock your products?
  • How to work with influencer's and bloggers to create buzz around your brand?
  • How to keep yourself motivated, confident and focused despite encountering setbacks?
  • How to optimize your ecommerce store for more conversions?

This is the vision

A few years ago, I graduated from Formula Botanica Skincare Entrepreneur program and decided to launch an artisanal skincare brand and Okoko Cosmétiques was born. I then set myself to build a respectable international green luxury brand, now Okoko has over 10 Awards, an international clientele and is an influencer in the green beauty industry. Our brand not only survived covid, but we saw a huge boost of sales during that period and achieved six figures every couple month. While other companies had to close their doors, we had to scale up very quickly. Today, we have managed to secure our first concept store post covid.

This is the vision. Transforming lives with our exclusive mentor ship program so that YOU too can achieve the same level of success and transform your life by achieving financial independence and living your passion.

Joining Okoko House Of Brands is an incredible opportunity and I wish this program was available a few years ago when I first launched Okoko Cosmétiques after graduating from cosmetic formulation to avoid certain mistakes and fast track my business. With this initiative, we are not just offering you a course, but full access to our indie beauty business expertise, industry knowledge, and reputable contacts it took us years to gain and secure.

Oyéta Kokoroko

Founder & CEO of Okoko Cosmétiques + House Of Brands

Oyéta Kokoroko is a Canadian entrepreneur, mentor and author for natural skincare. She is the Founder & CEO of Okoko Cosmétiques & House Of Brands, an award-winning and high-performance natural skincare brand based in Vancouver.

Oyéta founded her brand back in 2016 and it was her first business and first launch that was self-funded. Through perseverance, determination and drive, she built and grew a skincare business that was launched in many countries leading to strategic partnerships with international retailers, a growing team of 5 members, a marketing team and seven figures in revenue generated. Oyéta's award-winning creations were featured in Forbes, Elle, Fashion Magazine, Huffington Post, Vancouver Magazine, Vancouver Sun and many more.