Founder AmberJ Skincare

I am grateful to Oyéta, Natalia, and the Okoko brand crew for this mentorship program. This program came when I was almost giving up on my brand as I thought I was not good enough and should not be involved in skincare. I believe now more than ever that I am meant to do this and nothing will ever make me give up!"

Rafaela Gonzalez

Founder Of Gloryscent Beauty

I am so happy I was able to jump on a consultation call with Natalia. She is incredibly knowledgeable of the clean beauty industry and what it takes for brands to differentiate themselves. During the consultation she was such a great listener and was able to answer all my questions and ease my concerns. Not only did she answer my questions, but I could tell that she paid attention to my brand in order to give me the best advice possible.  In short, after speaking with her, I had an extensive list of things to do that I know will elevate my brand experience and communication to the next level. I wouldn’t expect anything less than excellence from a mentor at Okoko House of Brands.

Laila Wertwyn

Founder & CEO Collection Samuel

Working with Oyéta is a bit like meeting a dear friend over a latte and knowing her words are of those you can confide in! You get a sense of feeling guided, well listened to, as well as supported in order to help see more clearly. Ultimately helping to move in a direction to find the best solutions to achieve your goals. She really does help to get through the stages and the challenges that one may encounter throughout their endeavours. With having undeniable expertise in the field means that you can count on each consultation bringing a healthy share of inspiration, motivation and precious advice. Thereby increasing efficiency and clarity while continuing on the right path.

The invaluable advice Oyéta has shared with me about my branding has allowed me to make the necessary changes with a sense of confidence in order to ensure its enhancement. These changes had a large impact on the future state of my business. As a result of the changes, it has become much easier to establish first contact with local distributors and I am now taking it to the next level beginning to work with an international distributor, as well as Oyéta, in order to quietly launch my firm in to the European market, well equipped and backed up! I highly recommend Oyéta’s services as a mentor in order to help make informed decisions and to be well equipped in order to bring your green beauty business to the next level.

Sarah Duran

Founder & Formulator Purely Mei Botanical Skincare

Natalia has tremendous insight and helped guide me in creating a brand identity for my company. I feel more confident now as I look deeper to establish my core values and what will make my brand stand out in the plethora of green beauty companies. I’m excited to create more personalized content for my Instagram to connect with my subscribers.



I want to thank the mentors behind the OHOB, these ladies knows their stuff and have proven it. You too can be mentored by the best award-winning duo Oyeta Kokoroko and Natalia Lavaggi, and be on your way to creating irresistible products which are flying off the shelf. I also wanted to say thank you for the informative masterclass you presented on Tuesday. I learnt so much. Peace Love & Respect to you and your team.

Kim Parenteau

Founder Of Wild Grace

Oyéta is so generous with her knowledge which is extensive. She brings support and expertise and instinctively says what you need to hear. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to expand their business in a meaningful way.