Oyéta Kokoroko

Oyéta Kokoroko is a Canadian entrepreneur, mentor and author for natural skincare. She is the Founder & CEO of Okoko Cosmétiques & House Of Brands, an award-winning and high-performance natural skincare brand based in Vancouver.

Oyéta founded her brand back in 2016 and it was her first business and first launch that was self-funded. Through perseverance, determination and drive, she built and grew a skincare business that was launched in many countries leading to strategic partnerships with international retailers, a growing team of 5 members, a marketing team and seven figures in revenue generated. Oyéta's award-winning creations were featured in Forbes, Elle, Fashion Magazine, Huffington Post, Vancouver Magazine, Vancouver Sun and many more.


After building and growing a successful and sustainable beauty brand in the last few years and overcoming the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, she was inspired to launch Okoko House Of Brands, a platform created to help aspiring green luxury beauty brands of the future to fulfill their potential. These are brands with a strong mission and branding that will pioneer growth, export goods and services, with a potential to create employment and drive innovation in the green luxury sector in the coming years. As a mentor, Oyéta’s mission and goal is to help other visionaries to reach their potential with exclusive business mentorship and personalized coaching in every area (formulations, product launches, compliance, GMP, marketing strategies, influencers reach, sales pitch, contract negotiations with stockists, getting funding for your business, etc.)…

Her expertise ranges from small batch manufacturing and creating systems to practical formulation, R & D (innovating formulas), sales and marketing, distribution contracts and influencer marketing, branding and ecommerce marketing, business finances and analytics, etc. Additionally, Oyéta offers private consulting for professional formulators, DIY workshops and private labeling services for professional boutiques and spas.

Some of the direct ways that Oyéta has directly empowered people in her community and her team are:

  • By training luxury skincare artisans (small batch manufacturing, GMP, product formulation and formulation training)
  • By teaching her team members business skills including negotiation with stockists/retailers, R & D and supplier negotiations, sourcing materials, marketing and sales
  • By providing skincare knowledge and education through her ebook, social media pages and online platforms 
  • By consulting with other indie beauty founders to help them elevate their branding, mindset and formulations skills
  • By offering an opportunity to advance skincare formulations skills with hands on practice
  • By encouraging and driving innovation through diligent R & D
  • Creating a very strong and empowered team where each member feels motivated to grow new skills & contribute with strengths
  • By inspiring leadership and entrepreneurship among her team members & followers 
  • By hiring and training interns working at Okoko Cosmétiques
  • By helping others cultivate a disciplined mindset & resilient spirit as entrepreneurs
  • By giving back directly to community organizations and charities

In January 2021, Oyéta and her team opened their experiential store in Gastown, Vancouver, called l’Atelier Okoko, one of Vancouver’s green beauty hub where customers can find health & wellness products, book one-on-one consultations and discover complimentary wellness and beauty brands. After successfully taking and graduating from Okoko House Of Brands programs, selected graduates will have an amazing opportunity to see their brand and products showcased inside l’Atelier Okoko.

For interview, collabs or partnerships, email oyeta@okokocosmetiques.com