Why launch basic, unimpressive formulas when you can set yourself apart with The most distinctive product that will WOW your customers? Innovation is a powerful and necessary differentiation!

Reveal Real Results

One of the things that Okoko is known for is creating some of the most luxurious, high-performance natural skincare that is effective and that reveals real results. For many years, we have built a respectable reputation for our R & D, innovation and high-level formulas which have gained us many beauty awards and worldwide fans.

As proud innovators in the green beauty arena, we understand market trends, and have direct access to customer and retailer feedback regarding the best product launches and what sells the most. We are also connected with some of the finest suppliers and producers on the market and are in direct contact with chemists, cosmetic chemists, Health Canada and FDA consultants and EU compliant labs.

In the last decade green beauty has changed and has evolved, and so is the offering and the type of brands we now see gaining recognition. What used to comprise green beauty is also fast evolving, we see brands coming up with innovative ingredients, experimental formulas and unique processes to delight and excite the consumer.

Distinguish your Brand with High-End, Result-Driven Formulas

New indie beauty brands have to understand where the market is at and track the latest advancements to constantly offer true value and attract the consumer who has many other options. In order to remain relevant with your product line in a fast paced and fast evolving industry, a natural beauty formulator should look for ways to expand formulation knowledge and create innovative products that will be in demand.

To help indie beauty brands get ahead and differentiate their product line, attract loyal fans and increase your product sales substantially, we offer luxury private labeling services for professional boutiques, spas and indie beauty brands who desire to make their mark in the industry by working with a reputable and innovate green beauty brand run by skilled formulators.

Allow us to help you create superior products that will help you make your name in the industry. Please note that we strictly offer private labeling services, but do not offer contract manufacturing.

Currently booked. Please inquire about next availability.

Investment required: Starts at $10,000 US + depending on formulation and level of complexity. (includes market research, R & D, prototypes, customers trials/feedback, preservation testing, worldwide cosmetic compliance including EU, sourcing recommendation, raw materials recommendation, labelling and packaging feedback).