Our programs are designed for motivated entrepreneurs and visionaries who want to make their mark in the beauty industry, obtain key partnerships and increase their business revenue by implementing effective indie beauty business strategies and cultivating a strong and empowered mindset, that is essential for your business to thrive. Each program is developed to meet your needs and goals, help you achieve your vision and transform your business.

*New applications for Indie Beauty Business Mastery coming soon. 

Check back often for new updates. 

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Okoko House Of Brands Programs

  • Determine your vision, identify your niche and what sets you and your brand apart
  • Inspire confidence in customers, retailers and potential investors
  • Build a popular and successful niche beauty brand with a loyal customer base
  • Develop a strong mindset and more confidence with your business
  • Connect with direct people who buy in a world-wide market
  • Learn to work with influencers & develop effective sales strategies
  • Entire website audit & design improvement to increase sales
  • Elevate your business with content writing, product photography, and professional video production services to build a better brand experience for your customer

Please note that Okoko House Of Brands programs are available by applications only. To access our courses and exclusive coaching, you must fill out our application form in order to qualify and enroll. Our premium business entrepreneurial programs are designed for motivated and driven entrepreneurs and created to accelerate your success with your beauty business. Learn about our programs and admission requirements below.

Indie Beauty Business Mastery Program

Admission requirements:
For entry into Indie Beauty Business Mastery online course that involves standard formulation and ingredients knowledge, applicants will need to meet the requirements for entry into this program.

  • Basic cosmetic formulation course completed (in the last year) with one of these institutions:
    Formula Botanica
    School Of Natural Skincare
    Personal Care Science
    Or another accredited cosmetic formulation school
  • OR demonstrate experience or valid certification in the field of cosmetic formulation (esthetics diploma accepted)
  • Preliminary brand concept and business plan
  • Provide a resume and admission essay explaining briefly your motivation
  • Must be ready to commit 2-5 hours a week (study time) and up to 3-4 months to finish the course

Cosmetic course recommendation:

Formula Botanica DOSF
Formula Botanica ADOSF
Formula Botanica course on natural preservation or stability testing

Please note that the Indie Beauty Business Mastery Course is an intermediate level course and is not recommended for beginners with no cosmetic formulation knowledge.

If you do not have any basic cosmetic formulation knowledge and are working with a lab, or private labelling company (creating your range), please contact us so we can evaluate your application.

Indie Beauty Business Mastery – Program Information

Our Indie Beauty Business Mastery program takes you through the key elements of what it takes to make it the indie green beauty business. It is an extensive 10+ modules online course with cohort mentorship that takes you through the nuts and bolts of creating a powerful, differentiating and profitable brand. This course and mentorship are designed for indie beauty businesses looking to gain traction and learn how to build fruitful partnerships and connections with retailers, influencers and their target audience. 

In this comprehensive course, we will teach you what you need to know to communicate your value clearly, attract good retailers and increase your product sales. You will learn how to create a desirable product line, how to set yourself apart and bring more cash flow into your business.

The course is full of insightful advice and straight-forward information from our years of experience building a successful, international brand (lessons learned, mistakes to avoid, important questions answered) and provide step-by-step actions to help you achieve the level of success that you want with your brand.

Our graduates will demonstrate the skills and ability to build strong brand differentiation, create innovative products, implement effective sales strategies and build a rock-solid reputation quickly. At the end of this program, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to transform your beauty business and achieve your goals.

Find the weak spots that keep your business from excelling and learn to:

*Application: Coming soon. Check back often for new updates.

After successfully completing our Indie Beauty Business Mastery program, you will be empowered to grow your business, increase leads and make an impact with your brand with confidence.

$4000 US

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