Are you an indie beauty brand selling cosmetics, niche clean beauty brand, creative formulator, or a beauty entrepreneur looking to build and grow a successful (product based) beauty business & differentiate yourself?

Okoko House Of Brands provides exclusive business mentoring and customized coaching for visionaries who want to differentiate their brand and set themselves apart. We equip indie beauty brands with the tools and mindset to transform their business from the inside out. Okoko House Of Brands offers support for entrepreneurs because we know how difficult it can sometimes be in the beauty business. We help you to minimize frustrations, to decrease the stress of running your business, get you prepared for new opportunities, and to follow your passion and achieve your dreams.

  • Our Mentors

    Enroll for our exclusive business coaching with our mentors. We help our clients to elevate their business with a comprehensive approach that includes product formulation/development, influencer reach, branding strategy, sales and marketing, e-commerce store improvement, etc. Our exclusive mentorship is designed for visionaries who want to transform their brand, accelerate their growth, and strengthen their reputation among esteemed international buyers and customers.

  • Indie Beauty Business Mastery

    Our Indie Beauty Business Mastery program will teach you what you need to know to differentiate your beauty brand, attract good retailers and increase your product sales. You will learn how to create a desirable product line, how to set yourself apart & bring more cashflow into your business. * Application deadline for Indie Beauty Business Mastery is October 30, 2020 midnight PST. Program opens November 19, 2020 for selected applicants.

  • Okoko House of Brands

    Okoko House of Brands is a unique program designed to provide exclusive access to an esteemed industry network of professionals and influencers. This accelerated program includes customized consultancy and in-depth personalized coaching with our mentors and the Okoko Cosmétiques CEO over 6 months to transform your indie business to a profitable and reputable brand among esteemed international buyers and customers.

Set yourself apart

The need to set yourself apart and differentiate your brand in a competitive green beauty market is more important now than ever! Okoko House Of Brands' was created to help aspiring green luxury beauty brands of the future to fulfill their potential. By providing maximum value to the market-place, we help the brands with the strongest potential to make a powerful impact in the ever-expanding industry. Our mission is to empower other business visionaries by providing strategy, coaching and premium business mentorship. We have had a pulse on what the green beauty market is demanding and have created this platform to meet the need for beauty entrepreneurs to grow and excel, and for retailers desiring to access and retail some of the most promising brands with amazing growth potential.

Become the next success story!

Okoko Cosmétiques has become internationally recognized as a leader in the luxury green beauty space, how can your brand do the same? What goes on behind the scenes of running an indie beauty brand is something that needs to be talked about and taught with experiential knowledge, for you to avoid the common pitfalls brands often make.

This is at the heart of the development of the Okoko House Of Brands programs in which we have leveraged our experience and expertise in growing a successful and profitable beauty brand to help you do the same, faster, with less pains and a strong and measurable ROI.

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Okoko House Of Brands provides support for a small group of driven entrepreneurs and creatives who have what it takes: great ideas, a vision, the desire to put in the work, and persevere. We help you to build a robust differentiation strategy that will be relevant and attractive to your customers.

Discover below the added value and the difference Okoko House Of Brands will make for you:

✓ We are industry professionals who have built a successful beauty business & who understand the hardships of this journey.
✓ Exclusive programs and courses and access to premium business mentorship
✓ Develop a strong mindset and more confidence in your business.
✓ Exclusive mentorship is available for selected candidates.
✓ Networking with buyers in a world-wide market.
✓ A chance to pitch directly to select buyers and retailers and get stocked.
✓ Collaboration with professionals that offer content writing, product photography, and professional video production services to build a better brand experience for your customers.

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“Oyéta is so generous with her knowledge which is extensive. She brings support and expertise and instinctively says what you need to hear. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to expand their business in a meaningful way.”

Kim Parenteau —Founder, Wild Grace